all about His presence
The new ROUNDROCKCHAPEL is a community of believers that experiences the manifest Presence of God and His Power, so that His reality becomes our reality, in order to export the Kingdom of God to our world.

Living the life you were created for in the glory of God's presence.....

".........We are excited to be in a body of believers that we can call home.  God the Father has truly shown us His love and compassion through His body at Round Rock Chapel; not only for us as a couple and our need for personal restoration, but also for our children who passionately love their Sunday school class"........a RRC family.

Sunday 10:00am - Worship
400 Sunset Dr.
Round Rock, Texas 78664

the mission is REVIVAL ......the personal, regional, and global expansion of God's kingdom through His manifest presence and see the ordinary saints walking in extraordinary exploits.
"Often times we weigh our spirituality, our measure of faith, our measure of success or our measure of maturity by outcome instead of our ability to embrace and celebrate process."